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 Energy Healing & Sarah McCroskey

  September 7, 1:29 PMEamen Hameed

Energy Healing Interview with Sarah McCroskey
By Eamen Hameed (

Q: What are your contact info, background and credentials?

Sarah McCroskey,
510.236.3580 or 1.877.327.2363,

My background is in biology and the health sciences, nutrition, counseling, metaphysics and spirituality.  I have been a certified Bioenergy Balancing Practitioner for over a decade.  I am a Bioenergy Balancing Instructor, Director of the Bioenergy Balancing Center East Bay and a spiritual teacher.  I also have a B.A is Biology/Education.

Q: What are your observations regarding people experiencing change and self-discovery?

We are experiencing tremendous acceleration of energy and consciousness right now on Planet Earth.  We have come at a time of immense transformation and change.  Our opportunity is to step into the true nature of our human potential – as unlimited Creator beings with talents, insight and wisdom far beyond what our conditioned mind would have us believe. 

If we are willing to let go of “what we are not” and release the limiting identifications we have adopted or created, we can enjoy a profound journey of embodied evolution.  We need one another and are learning how to open to community – a journey of the heart.  

When people are ready to release drama and the false identifications with roles of victim, rescuer and persecutor, then self-discovery and healing can accelerate.  We can release what no longer serves us and get about the business of being in joy and aliveness.  Through unconditional self-love and presence, we return to our authentic Self and contribute to this adventure as a unique aspect of All That Is.

When we ground ourselves in love this is an exciting adventure.  When we buy the old program of fear – it’s scarey.  Sacred or scared – which do you choose?

Q: What is energy healing & healing energy emission?

My practice is a combination of the western principles of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry and nutrition coupled with the eastern traditions of energy medicine involving the flow of energy through the body’s energy channels – the meridians and chakras.

Bioenergy balancing accesses and releases energetic blockages in the body.  It allows you to restore physical wellbeing and emotional flow by releasing past trauma and negative interpretations.

Energy gets blocked in the body resulting from times in our life where we were confronted with situations or traumas that felt overwhelming to us.  If we could not be present and experience our emotional response to the event, the body will take this content on and hold it energetically in the meridians and chakras.  It’s a coping mechanism – allowing us to just put one foot in front of the other and move on.  This is how energetic blockages are created. These blockages prevent oxygen, nutrients and energy signals from getting to the tissues and organs and are often the underlying cause of physical symptoms, illness and biochemical errors as well as emotional patterns and limiting beliefs.  This is the energetic foundation to what Eckhart Tolle calls “the pain-body”.   

Unfortunately once this content is driven into the energetic systems of the body, there aren’t many ways to access it again to heal and release the trauma.  Mostly it surfaces when we get re-triggered by some situation that seems similar to the original event.  In our discomfort or re-triggered state, we’re really not in a position to heal it.  We’re in reaction.

With balancing we get into communication with the body’s consciousness.  Our bodies hold complete recall of every event, every interpretation and every belief.  Our body consciousness also knows how each and every organ and system is working within the body – it operates these intricate systems, without our having to pay attention.

We get into a dialogue with the body through muscle testing.  We find out precisely what happened and when.  This is not about re-living the trauma, it is about discovering what feelings got stuck so we can energetically release that “charge” through a gentle tracing of the meridians.  This allows the body to return to flow and balance – in current time.  The client is then free from that old stored trauma – so the past can be in the past.  This releases people from their “pain-body” content – restoring physical wellbeing, emotional freedom and true presence – now.

Q:  Who & how can people benefit from energy healing?

Balancing is right for people who are ready to get beneath the story to restore health and emotional freedom.  Many people have awareness of what their issues are but can’t get free.  That’s because this content lives energetically in the body.  Access and release of the energy behind the symptoms and patterns is what makes balancing such a powerful healing modality.  

Trauma, toxins and serious diagnoses do not need to be a life-sentence.  The body knows how to heal and wants to show us the way.

Q: How do you practice energy healing to help your patients & clients?

I do most of my work over the phone.  Since energy is not constrained by space and time, I can bring in a client’s energy field and ‘talk with the body’ while they sit comfortably on the other end of the phone.

Through applied kinesiology (muscle testing) I get into communication with the body consciousness.  I use a pendulum.  Based on what the client is wanting to work on, I find out from the body what happened and when.  Given my training, I am able to ask very technical questions about biochemical cascades and physiological processes to discover what’s gotten thrown off.  Usually symptoms develop from past emotional content that is stuck energetically.  Sometimes there are toxins or microorganisms, too.  I find out what got caught and when.  Through further inquiry we identify the feelings that got stuck and which meridians are holding those emotions – as blockages to the energy flow.  Then I trace the meridian against the way it typically flows, to allow that charge to release.  We find and release all the emotions that got caught from that event.  

Once we’ve cleared the emotions, we ask the body if there is a belief or decision that got created then.  These beliefs that we create under duress were meant to prevent us “from going near anything that looks like THAT again”.  Unfortunately these beliefs are usually quite global and disempowering.  They create our lens on the world and are often very limiting.  So we identify and release the beliefs.  The client then creates a new belief that is current and really serves them now.  This is a very powerful process.

Q: What is the role of the patient & client in the process?

The client’s job is to bring their awareness and self-compassion to the process - to relax and breathe and release what got caught from the past.  Since it is the body’s consciousness that is directing the process, the client really gets to learn from their own body.  Often when an event gets driven into the energy systems of the body as a coping mechanism, the conscious awareness of that event goes too.  With Bioenergy Balancing people experience profound self-discovery, symptom relief and a return to balance.  

Clients remark on how they feel “lighter” and weeks later, how their presenting symptoms “just haven’t come up.”  That’s because once you release the energetic source to an issue, pattern or symptom – you literally release the past and heal.  We are meant to be free, present and conscious.  Our “pain-body” is not our foe.  As our ally it has bookmarked precisely where we must bring our attention and love, in order to heal and awaken.

Q: What else would you like to share?

You can enjoy articles and much more content through my website,  

It is our time to awaken.  Balancing is a powerful tool in the process.

Thank you for your time and this interview, dear Sarah.