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   Comprehensive Bioenergy Balancing

A Comprehensive Bioenergy Balancing Session starts with your list! What’s limiting you?

From physical symptoms to relationship issues to unresolved family patterns, even past life content—if there is a problem, your body knows why. We’ll find the source of what’s stopping you and release it energetically—and forever. You reclaim possibility, health and dynamic balance in the present. There’s no reason to settle for less.

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First Session: 90 minutes - $175
Follow up sessions: your choice of
45, 60 or 90 minutes

What is Bioenergy Balancing?
Bioenergy Balancing is a healing modality based in both the Western medical principles of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry as well as Eastern traditions of chi (body energy) and the meridian/chakra system through which body energy travels. Bioenergy Balancing provides a means for communicating with the body consciousness—the "silent partner" that orchestrates every physiological process in your body with exquisite timing and precision. It also retains timeless recollection of every experience you have ever had. Through the use of muscle testing methods developed in Applied Kinesiology®, your bioenergy is given a "voice," allowing you to access the insight, intelligence and wisdom of your body consciousness.

How Does it Work?
With few exceptions, we, as human beings, are born with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies interlacing energetically to form a perfect template. This template functions to harmoniously energize and nourish the tissues of the body, creating physical health and well-being. But as human beings we are also forced to grapple with adversities. When events are overwhelming, coping mechanisms are developed to contend with the stresses that arise. In an attempt to free the conscious mind from trauma, the body will harbor traumatic incidents energetically as blockages in the body’s energetic circuitry. These blockages can prevent oxygen, nutrients and energetic signals from getting to the body’s tissues and organs. As years pass, these compromises can coalesce into physical and emotional symptoms, behavior patterns, phobias, allergies and biochemical errors. Bioenergy Balancing provides the energetic access to identify and release these incidents from their source.

How is it Done?
By directing specific yes/no questions to the body consciousness, Bioenergy Balancing allows you to communicate with your "silent partner" to discover the basis for physical symptoms, recurrent emotional patterns, past traumas, allergies, decisions and outdated beliefs. Through gentle questioning, specific timing and events are identified. Then, with the body’s permission, these energy blockages are released through the body’s energy channels (the meridians and chakras.) This clears the energetic and emotional charge from the past event and enables the return of oxygen and nutrients to the body’s tissues once again.

How Can I Benefit from Bioenergy Balancing?
Bioenergy Balancing effectively addresses all types of issues. Through Bioenergy Balancing you will resolve and release past incidents that are creating obstacles in your current life. Releasing old "baggage" allows you to be free, healthy and empowered in the present. You can resolve allergies, chronic conditions, biochemical imbalances, nutritional issues and deep, generational wounds with Bioenergy Balancing. Somatic patterning and events from past lives can be cleared. Parasites, permeability issues and environmental toxins can also be addressed. For information about a specific condition, please see Health Matters A to Z.

What Do I Do?
During your appointment you will lie on a massage table, face-up and fully clothed except for your shoes. (For a phone session you sit comfortably in your remote location.) The Practitioner will ask questions of your body consciousness regarding the physical and emotional concerns you wish to address. Through fluctuations in muscle strength, the body makes its yes/no answers known. The Practitioner tests these fluctuations with a pendulum. Once the age of an incident and the helpless feelings associated with it are identified, further questioning reveals how these emotions are being held in the body. Different meridians tend to hold different emotions (for instance, anger is often held in liver meridian). The caught emotion is then released from the body through a gentle tracing of the meridian.

Once the emotional charge and outdated beliefs are released froman incident it is complete and in the past. As a client you feel lighter and more present. As energetic blockages are eliminated, the body returns to its natural state of well-being, alignment and dynamic balance.


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Bioenergy Balancing Center
Sarah McCroskey - Director/Certified Practitioner

Bioenergy Balancing does not constitute treatment, nor is it medical or diagnostic in nature.
It is not a substitute for qualified medical, therapeutic, or chiropractic care,
although it can work in a complementary fashion with any or all of these disciplines.


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What is Bioenergy Balancing? How the Body Communicates How Does it Work? The Experience